Return of the Rocket Man

Recently it has become a challenge to wrestle Patrick into his Hannah Anderson zip-up-the-front pajamas. I love them because they’re zipped in for the night and done (and there is only one part to keep track of/fold at laundry time), P on the other hand was having other ideas.

After dealing with the indignity of putting on a diaper at bedtime (he really wanted to wear a pull-up with Lighting McQueen like Big Brother’s underwear), he raced away from the “baby jammas” (as Oliver referred to them). The thought of wrestling an unwilling 22 month old into pajamas didn’t really seem like a fun way to round out my evening, so I asked P a simple question:

Do you want to wear pajamas like Oliver’s?

Silly question, I know. P doesn’t have many (any?) words, but he’s a bright kid and he understand a fair bit, so I figured I’d give it a try.

P nodded and said “Da!”

I dug through the closet and found O’s old 2T rocket ship pajamas. P enthusiastically threw up his arms so I could pull the shirt over his head and carefully stepped into the pants.

He and O climbed into his crib to roll around and celebrate.

O was quick to point out: Baby, you have MY jamas!

P was super-excited until he realized he couldn’t climb out of his crib.


Tomorrow I need to find (and probably wash) the rest of the 2T two-part pajamas. Something tells me P isn’t going to want to go back to “baby jammas” ever again.

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