Dyeing Eggs & introducing Twisted the Bunny

IMG_6614My original plan for Easter was simple: some baskets, some milk chocolate bunnies and an egg hunt in the yard (searching for 10+ year old industrially mass-produced plastic eggs that had been unearthed from Grandma D’s garage). We were going to skip dyeing hard boiled eggs (no one really wants to eat them anyway), and I was going to take the kids to the park instead.

Then the boys came down with nasty snotty noses, O stayed home from preschool, and it rained. So much for the best laid plans. Instead I hollowed out some eggs, made a coffee cake with three, and emptied out another six for the lemon tart I plan to make tomorrow.

IMG_6639               IMG_6637

The boys and I took turns dyeing eggs, we each got three.

left three in the back are P’s, the orange/green/blue ones are mine, and the remaining 3 were done by O

When they finish drying O wants to decorate them further with stickers, and eventually, once the kids go to bed, I’m going to find the Mod Podge and try and make them a bit sturdier. Eventually I’m hoping to find the perfect tree branch to hang them from.

In other Easter-related news, a new bunny has joined our collection. His name is “Twisted” as he’s made from twisted, lightly felted wool. After the Easter festivities are complete, he will be joining Brutus, Sweater and Brown (seen below) in the Bunny Bin. Twisted is currently living in the “Ooster Gass!” that O planted at preschool.

IMG_6652 IMG_6658

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