Technical Issues

I haven’t updated in a while as we’ve been having technical issues: for a time the blog was down entirely, and now it won’t let me post photos, so instead I’ll direct you to our Picasa Albums where you can see what we’ve been up to!

Since I last posted, the boys have been busy playing with their trains, we took a day trip to “Oma Beach” (aka Drake’s Beach), and have spent a good deal of time prepping for Oliver’s fourth birthday party – it has a train theme (again).

A family friend was kind enough to send us a gingerbread train and train station, and a rice krispy treat train as well. Oliver and Patrick have enjoyed decorating these hyper-sugary creations, and they will adorn one of the tables at his party!

In other news, we have the LEAST energy-efficient furnace allowed to be sold in California. On a scale of 78-96 (78 being the least efficient), ours is an 80, so the thermal curtains have been taken from the playroom and are currently hanging over the two main windows in our living room. Not the greatest look, but it makes a noticeable difference.

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