Winter Break – 2 days in

Oliver has been on winter break from preschool since Friday and we’ve been busy. We’ve baked cookies for ourselves, and biscuits for my mother-in-law’s dog, Winston.


We also went to the grocery store and we didn’t find any peppermint ice cream, so we came home and made our own. Early Saturday morning, after the custard had chilled and the ice cream bowl had frozen over night, we churned ice cream. The boys were quite excited about it.


After we finished the ice cream, it had to be sampled. It was very popular.


We also worked out a way to hang the stockings so they could all be seen.

When all that was finished we went outside to lighten the load on our lemon tree. The lemons are not quite ripe yet, but some are more ripe than others so they came off.


Then the boys went to work in the yard making “mix” (aka a muddy mess).


I think our tree will finally go up tomorrow.

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