Christmas Present Wreath

This was our Saturday afternoon project while we waited for the notary to come by with our refinance paperwork.

It was inspired by the Tutorial: Gift Box Wreath at Dana Made It and then taken to the logical next level of over-the-top kitschy Christmas the addition of extra ribbons, bows and package tags. It’s going to hang on the inside of our front door, as the security screen would smush it and it is simply too fabulous to share with the neighbors.

I think it still needs an over-the-top bow.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Present Wreath

  1. Love it! It looks so easy, and yet has so many steps, that I am unlikely to tackle it this holiday season. Definitely tagging it for next year, though! Well done!

  2. It was easy & the boys had fun “helping” figure out what should go where & which ribbons to use, etc. They did NOT get to “help” with the hot-glue and were quite upset about that. It took us about 2-3 hours from start-to-finish, the hardest part was finding all the little boxes & cardboard for the base, but once that was done it was easy!

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