“Gingerbread” Houses at the Library

This morning, in a fit of desperation and desire to get out of the house and see other grownups I called one of my mom-friends to see if she wanted to get together and do SOMETHING outside the house. She mentioned she was considering going to the local library because they were having a “decorate gingerbread houses” activity for children 0-5, and it might be fun.

Half an hour later, the boys and I were at the library, plates, milk cartons and plastic knives in hand. We found a table, generously laid out with tubs of frosting, twizzlers, hand candies, fruit loops, candy canes and mini-marshmallows, and set to work on creating sugary masterpieces.

Once I got Oliver started he was quite adept at piling on frosting and decorations.

Patrick had a fair bit of help from me, and enjoyed sneaking fruit loops.

Our friends joined us, and we had a good deal of fun piling more candy, fruit loops, frosting, and trim on to our little houses. They were topped off with “rainbow snow” (colorful sugar crystals).

When we were finished, we went for a walk to the park, which had many huge puddles for the boys to splash in. Patrick face-planted in the deepest puddle (about 6-8 inches of water at the deepest point), and got thoroughly soaked so we headed home (it was also nearing lunch time).

More photos of today’s adventures and the inevitable consumption/destruction of the gingerbread houses can be found in the December 2012 Picasa album.

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