Laundy Fairy Nov. 2012 Tracking – 16 day update

It is halfway through the month and I know everyone is super-curious to know how the Laundry Fairy’s Nov. 2012 Laundry Tracking is going

The breakdown:

  • Permanent Press: 5
  • Whites/Underwear: 4
  • Jeans (4+ pair per load): 3
  • Kids clothing: 6
  • Towels: 5
  • Bedding: 2
  • Emergency/Heavily mixed: 4

total: 29 since the start of the month, an average of 1.8 loads a day

On one hand, 1.8 loads a day does not sound like that much, 29 sounds like way too many. Could some of the loads have been cut? Possibly, but not this month.

The emergency/heavily mixed loads were from very wet clothing, and a nasty escaped poo. At least one of the permanent press loads was entirely made up of nursing bras/tanks and a delicate-wash cardigan. Towels in the boys bathroom are washed slightly more often because they’re regularly used to sop up the floor.


The laundry process: on the machines in a giant pile; folding on the bed, note the dryer balls gone wild; much progress/all done!

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