the Laundry Fairy: Nov. 2012 Laundry Tracking

Regular readers of our blog and those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter are probably aware of how large a role laundry plays in my life.

I have a nice laundry room, with a very loose communist/fairy theme and a bulletin board with helpful stain-removing and laundry doing tips. I regularly go through containers of the large Tide HE laundry detergent, and always have at least one on hand as backup.

I frequently encourage the boys to help with laundry, and hope one day to make them self-sufficient in that department.

I also have NO CLUE how much laundry I do on a weekly/monthly basis. It feels like an unending cycle of wash, dry, fold, put away, repeat, so I’m curious, how much do I do?

Starting Nov. 1 I plan to keep track of every load of laundry I wash. Being good and scientific I’ve decided to make a little chart to keep track of how much laundry I do:

I have divided it up into different types of loads:

  • Permanent Press – mostly shirts, will likely include the occasional “delicate” load
  • Whites/underwear – underwear, socks, other things that can be washed HOT
  • Jeans (at least 4 pair) – grownup jeans
  • Kids clothing
  • Towels
  • Bedding
  • Emergency/Heavily Mixed loads – things that are gross & wet and can’t be left for long

What makes a “full” load? For permanent press and whites/underwear the basket being 3/4 full is usually enough to justify washing them. Jeans, I’d like at least 4 pairs. Kids clothing gets washed when there are 3-4 pairs of pajamas in the mix. Towels are usually a bathrooms worth, bedding a bedroom’s worth (boys room, our room, guest room). Emergency loads are done as needed, what qualifies as “emergency?” Simple:

Do you want to keep track too? I’ve uploaded the PDF of my Laundry Fairy 2012 Tracking sheet here: LOAD COUNT it should open as a downloadable PDF.

How much laundry do you do? What are your laundry routines? How do you sort your laundry?

One thought on “the Laundry Fairy: Nov. 2012 Laundry Tracking

  1. It depends on the job – current work wardrobe is such that I can wear things 2-3 times before it needs to be washed…. but most of the tops qualify as delicates. So when there’s good weather and about 2 weeks worth of tops, a delicate load gets cranked out. Generally by then there’s a pair or two of jeans and some casual tees (vs. casualties) that need it, so the first round of clean water goes to the delicates, the second round to the jeans/tees (two separate batches). It’s an interesting process. Thankfully there’s enough underwear to last a month or so, but I hate to run out, so every 3 weeks, weather permitting, they go into the laundry churn. Depending on whether or not Matt has any laundry – he usually does his own – I sometimes add a load at the end of my batch to get the full ~16 gallons worth of water well used. Not much water gets used (~3-4 gallons per rinse, 3-4 rinses can handle 2-3 loads), but the black widow next to the front steps HATES the wringer (we upgraded!) because it dumps water on her web.

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