Homemade Apple Sauce from Grandma’s Dubious Apples

To help us pass the time on Monday, the boys and I picked apples from Grandma’s D dubious apple tree, it grows outside of Auntie M’s room and we were warned that they might have worms. Apparently Gavin and his father had tried making apple sauce from the dubious tree before, according to Gavin, it didn’t turn out well.

We picked several pounds of dubious apples, all the ones that I could easily reach off the tree. Oliver had a good time helping me peel apples, while Patrick sampled the peels. Of the several pounds of apples we peeled we only found two or three that were beyond salvaging.

We put the apples in the crockpot for an indeterminate amount of time (I think it ended up being 8 hours?) with some water (not sure how much, it started out being around 2 cups, and I added a little more). I checked on them periodically and stirred them around a bit as well.

The boys are enjoying the apple sauce, but Gavin refuses to sample it, apparently he “knows too much about that tree!”

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