Dear Spam Bots

A while back my “system administrator” made a modification to the blog which had led to a surge in spam-bot commenters, today there were 26. I’m not sure why they felt my post about photos being updated warranted comments about the 2012 presidential election (the republican side), brand-name boots, male (and female) anatomy enhancers and flat-out gibberish, but for some reason they did.

Dear Spam Bots, we filter all our comments for a reason. Unless you’re a pre-approved commenter then your comment will sit in cyberspace until we have a chance to OK it (and it will be e-mailed to me if it seems likely to be legit), and if our spam filter thinks you’re likely spam then you’ll sit even longer because I can’t be bothered to check it all that often.

Dear Spam Bots, I have OTHER THINGS TO DO with my time. My reading list is growing by the day, I’m still in the middle of The Mercury 13, and I’d like to get to The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared sometime in the next week.

My books on Buddhism (Snelling’s The Buddhist Handbook, and Rahula’s The Buddha’s Teachings on Prosperity) just arrived as well, and this doesn’t include the mass of ebooks I have waiting to be read on my Kindle.

Dear Spam Bots, if you could be so kind as to take a break from trolling around the internet leaving nonsensical comments on my blog that would be incredibly appreciated, because I’ve already argued with my “systems administrator” about the settings and he’s insisting that they way they are “is fine.” Maybe I should let him get your comments.


Update: In the time it took to write and post this (10-15 minutes at most) I got yet another spam-bot comment, this time about Serbia and national security.

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