Gavin in the local paper

Gavin’s been going to Sebastopol Council Meetings (you can follow his occasional live tweets about them @gcarothers, hash tag #SEBCC), and generally taking some interest in local politics.

Then he got quoted in the local paper.

“Without these large companies, lots of us would not have jobs, not have things to buy and not have a reason to live here,” said Gavin Carothers of Sebastopol.

He does make a valid point, without “a large company” hiring him in 2007 there was no way we would have moved to Sebatopol (or have even heard of it).

Last nights City Council meeting ran until 12:40 in the morning. Gavin came home around 10. He also said (and this didn’t get into the paper), that there needs to me more to buy in town than “chocolates and magik crystals.”

I think the chocolate store went out of business, but there’s still a tea shoppe!

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