My Fantasy Playroom

Today one of my not-so-secret fantasies came true: I got a play room!!

No, not a “fifty shades red room of pain” room. Instead, I got something more practical: a room where I can stash most of the boys toys so I can have my living room back. The boys can play and at the end of the day instead of freaking out over the colossal mess, I can close the door and ignore it (at least that’s how the fantasy works in my head).

I’ve been dreaming of a play room since I found out that second child was going to be a boy. I was going to put both boys in bunk-beds in the smaller room, and turn the well-lit room with a lovely view into the play room/guest room. I figured Oliver would need to be at least four or five to be comfortable on the top bunk, so I shelved this fantasy for a later date.

This past Friday, Oliver announced he wanted to sleep in Pah-sah’s room. We made the twin bed cozy, put up his safety rail, and expected him to decide he wanted to move back into his own bed by Saturday morning. Saturday night Oliver again demanded to sleep in Pah-sah’s room, and then he started demanding his “tiny bed” be moved in as well. O continued to sleep in P’s room in the big twin Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights, all the while demanding his “tiny bed” be moved.

Today we complied with his request. Early this morning, while Gavin was teleconferencing with the W3C, the boys and I swapped the twin bed and Oliver’s bed, and moved his dresser.

While Oliver was at camp, Patrick had a lovely nap and I moved more furniture around.

The moment Oliver came home the nicely made daybed was turned into a “tent” and the boys got busy playing in the kitchen.

Now I need to figure out what to do with all the extra space in my living room!


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