P is Walking

After 1 year, 2 weeks & 5 days of waiting Patrick walked across the living room*, turned around, fell over, got up and walked back the other way. He’s been practicing more and is getting steadier by the second.

Eventually I’ll upload some video of this momentous occasion.

Update: Video now uploaded**! http://youtu.be/m_CRZfHrIAY

*P has been taking hesitant steps before, one or two, sometimes an adventurous three before sitting down slowly, this is the FIRST TIME he’s traversed the living room on his own. This is also the first time I’ve managed to capture it on video.

**I recorded this & uploaded it directly from the iphone so it is a little oddly oriented, I may go back & fix this later, until I get around to doing so you can just flip your computer 90 degrees.

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