and now for something completely different: WTF-Leather

Long-time readers of my blog will remember last years post about the WTF, and my attempts at making WTF-sauce. My attempts were wildly successful, but the popularity of the WTF-sauce waned as the novelty wore off.

Yesterday was O’s last Farm Day at his pre-pre school program and the mommies and daddies were invited to walk to the farm too. I struck up a conversation with one of the other mothers and the topic of excess fruit came up. I mentioned the WTF tree and it’s bountiful yields, and she suggested I use a dehydrator make fruit leather.

I don’t have a dehydrator (maybe one day), but I do have the internet, and one of my favorite food blogs had simple directions on how to make fruit leather.

As I already had several pints of pureed WTF I skipped down a bit to the dehydrating directions and then improvised some more: I used parchment paper instead of plastic wrap (I don’t trust the stuff in my oven), and I have no idea how long it was in for – a few hours here, a few hours there, it seems to have turned out mostly OK.
Oliver has decreed it to be “yummy” (as long as is it is rolled up like a fruit-roll-up) Patrick does not have enough teeth to make me feel comfortable giving him any, and Gavin went upstairs before I could get him to sample it.

The flavor is alright, the edges are crunchier/chewier than O prefers, but over all I think it was a pretty decent start at WTF-leather making.

If the preference for WTF-leather continues, I may open the other jars of WTF-sauce and WTF-butter and convert them into WTF-leather as well, and I might also toy around with the “putting the tray in the grill, and leaving covered, in the sun all day” method as well. We shall see.

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