sim pool NOW pees!

Today, in a moment of weakness, I caved to the toddlerists demands of “sim-pool now pees” and inflated the “sim-pool” that P got for his birthday.

We set the pool up on the patio with the canvas drop cloth underneath it, stripped the boys down to their sunhats (“we get nekid”), slathered them liberally with sunscreen and let O loose with the hose.

The water was cold, but that didn’t stop O from splashing around like mad. It DID stop P from getting anything more than his toes damp, he mostly clung to me and wailed at even the thought of being put in the water.

I tried out my new tankini, and was very amused when O informed me “you take off you shirt mommy!” I explained it was my “swim suit” which is designed to get wet and then he wanted his “sim soot” too.

P mostly walked around the edge of the pool, and then splashed around in the water table.

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