Patrick’s 1st year

Today marks one year of Patrick’s time with us. I’m still not totally sure where the year went, it went by so quickly.

To celebrate, this morning while Big Brother Oliver was off at pre-preschool Patrick and I had some covert cupcake smashing action. Don’t worry, after the first two or three photos I put a bib on him.

Patrick takes his cupcakes very seriously, first he sampled the cream cheese frosting, then he dug his fingers into the carrot cake beneath.

Highlights of Patrick’s First Year By the Numbers:
– 1 tooth
– 0 haircuts
– 1 trip to Houston
– met 1 aunt, 1 great-uncle
– met 3 grandparents & 1 great-grandparent
– 1 trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium
– 1 trip to Train Town
– 3.25 sessions of Mini Music (he showed up at the end of the Spring 2011 session & hasn’t missed one since)
– many many trips to the park
– many many hours in the back yard splashing in the water table

and a few updated FAQ:
Is Patrick still breastfeeding? They are not your boobs, what difference does it make to you?
How is Patrick sleeping? In his pajamas, unless it is hot, then he sleeps in his diaper.
Is Patrick walking yet? Nope, but he probably will be soon.
Does Patrick have any favorite foods? He’s fond of local organic goat milk yogurt, he also likes bananas and sweet potato (separately)
Do Oliver and Patrick get along? Most of the time, unless one of them has a toy the other one wants.
Is it any easier now? No.
OMG! You gave him sugar/let him watch a YouTube video/let him eat a non-organic piece of fruit/play with big brother slightly unsupervised while you took a quick shower. What’s your point?

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