May Day

In both 2002 and 2005 I had the pleasure of being in one of the little towns near Augsburg for May Day. Instead of workers rights and civil unrest, the Germans celebrated the arrival of spring, erecting a giant may pole, serving lots of food and getting quite drunk.

Today we opted to celebrate more in line with the German tradition (minus all the beer): we grilled burgers, ate outside for the first time since last year, and the boys got played in water table.

It was Patrick’s first time at the water table (and outside on the patio without being held) and with the help of Oliver, he got soaked to the skin. Oliver also helped to “wash Baby har!” and make a “road!” of water all over the patio.


I suspect this is going to be come a recurring theme over the summer, so I need to find Patrick some shoes that can hold up well to getting wet a lot. Hopefully I can find some in the box of shoes O’s outgrown (although P has larger pudgier feet than O did at this age and O was 11 months in the dead of winter). I suspect there will be a pair or two from last summer, or the summer before that fit, I just need to figure out the American vs. European sizing and find all the size-labels.

4 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Your boys are so cute together. Moments like this reassure me that it *was* a good idea to have two kids so close in age!

  2. Trust me, we have plenty of moments that make me wonder WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING?… but I’m sure you have your share of them too. 😉

  3. May I suggest crocs for Patrick? Yes, they’re ugly, but they’re comfy, waterproof, and easy to get on and off.

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