Ice-cream without Assistants

This evening, the conclusion of the free-range, organic, non-vegetarian eggs and ice-cream making saga.

After yesterday’s failed attempt and extra assistance I decided to wait until the boys were tucked into bed before I tried again. The bowl had been freezing for well over 24 hours, and with no extra helpers to stick their fingers in the soupy mess I was sure things would go smoothly.

About five minutes into the process Oliver started wailing – I am still not entirely sure why. We rushed up stairs, leaving the mixer to do it’s thing, settled Oliver back into bed, and returned to gloriously creamily churned ice-cream.

Ok, it wasn’t quite that easy, I had to scrape down the sides of the bowl once or twice before the hollering started, and the churned ice-cream didn’t all fit in my up-cycled yogurt container, but aside from that, things went very smoothly.

It tastes amazing. I think the local, free-range, organic, non-vegetarian eggs helped, as did the local, organic heavy cream and milk. The least local-organic-free-range things I used were the Ghirardelli coco powder and chocolate chips, and the salt (it is sea salt fromCostco), I’m ok with that.

Most of it made it to the freezer.

I also found a use for the five unused egg whites. I made Mexican Chocolate Chewies (a friend gave me the Homesick Texan Cookbook for my birthday, sadly the recipe does not appear to be posted on her blog).

The recipe called for three egg whites, but I had five leftover, I figured the eggs I’d been using were a little smaller than the average off-the-grocery-store-shelf egg (the chickens just started laying) so I used them all.

Next time I do that I’m going to up the chopped pecans from 2 to 3 cups. Other than spreading a LOT more than the previous batch (those are scant 1-tablespoon sized drops of cookie dough), they taste pretty AMAZING too (I think the Ghirardelli helped there too).

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