Next time, after Bedtime

It has been a while since I made ice-cream. The last blog post about it is from 2008, and then I cheated and made my amazing hazel nut gelato. It has been even longer since I’ve last attempted a custard-based ice-cream recipe, but the hardest part is usually separating some eggs with out getting egg-shell bits in the yolk.

Armed with my dozen free range, organic, not-so-vegetarian-diet eggs, I set about finding a recipe that would use almost half of them, but was still simple enough to manage with my two assistants.

I turned to my oft-flipped-through-with-great-longing-but-never-yet-used cookbook devoted to ice-cream: “The Perfect Scoop” and cleared space in our freezer for our kitchenaid ice-cream maker.

I soon settled on basic chocolate ice-cream (although rocky road with homemade marshmallow looked very good too), and once I acquired heavy cream at the store we were set to go.

That was Thursday afternoon. Thursday night and early into Friday morning, Patrick decided to wake up several times to remind me he was CUTTING A TOOTH!! and he NEEDED COMFORT (and a boobie, and to kick me in the ribs) NOW!!

Friday morning, more than a little exhausted, and with a constant stream of three-year old chatter in the back ground “make dis ice-keem mommy! make dis ice-keem! me help mommy! make dis-ice-keem” I assembled the necessary ingredients, hauled the me-help-mommy tower from the garage, and loaded up Patrick’s tray with finger snacks so he’d be somewhat occupied.

Both the recipe and directions were simple, keeping Oliver from touching the hot pot, splashing simmering liquid everywhere, and grabbing things because it was “me turn mommy!” was less easy. He also kept scooting his tower within inches of me, pinning me between the stove, tower and Patrick’s chair.


After the custard had chilled in an ice-bath, and then in the fridge, we poured it into our ice-cream maker. After a few minutes I realized we probably hadn’t frozen the bowl long enough, and the custard wasn’t thickening, and it was all soupy.

By this point Patrick wanted to participate too. He had launched his banana off his tray and Oliver had taken his crackers. He wailed in dismay from his vantage point, firmly strapped into his booster seat. I sat him on the counter, only to snatch him back up again as he reached his fingers into the bowl while the machine was running. He was unharmed, just cold and sticky-fingered.


Next time I am going to wait until after they’ve gone to bed.

Realizing it wasn’t going to solidify any time soon, I did the only logical thing to do, I poured the soupy custard into a repurposed yogurt container and stuck it back in the fridge, cleaned out the ice-cream maker bowl and put it back in the freezer.

We will try making solid ice-cream tomorrow afternoon, once the bowl has frozen for 24+ hours, and then perhaps I will come up with a use for the five egg whites that were left behind.


*I had initially embedded links in this post, but for some reason they did not publish. I am not pleased. 

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