a long weekend in Houston

We spent this past weekend (Thursday-Monday) in Houston visiting the boys grandparents and great-grandmother. The trip went smoothly except for weather-and-maintenance delays getting out of Houston on Monday (it was a 10:30 am flight, we didn’t leave until 3 pm).

We got into Houston late Thursday evening, and saw the Grandparents Trudell and Great-Grandma Oma first thing Friday morning. Friday we took the ferry at Bolivar and had lunch on the Bolivar peninsula. Oliver loved the ferry ride and seeing all the boats.

Saturday we had a lovely morning at the park, followed by lunch our favorite greek deli and cafe. Saturday afternoon, friends stopped by for tea and cake (Oma made a fabulous cake… I need to get the recipe).

Sunday morning we had breakfast at Panera with a long-time church friend, followed by church, lunch with more church friends, and an afternoon with yet more friends. We had dinner at Tookies (previous site of my rather sedate bachelorette luncheon).

Monday morning we said good bye to the grandparents and Oma, returned our rental car, got to the airport, checked in, got through security and then started getting updates about how our flight would be delayed… and then delayed again, and then delayed some more.

Both flights were fairly uneventful. On the return flight, the men in the row behind us complimented us on our boys good behavior (we’d tired them out in the airport), and one of the guys on the van back to the long-term parking lot mentioned he’d never seen a baby crawl as fast as Patrick.

The boys had a good time and Oliver is looking forward to flying back to visit “Tom-ah” (Thomas the Cat), “Omo” (Oma), “Ganma!” and “Ganma’s friend” (my parents) again soon.

Photos will be forthcoming as soon as I can get them off my phone onto my computer without crashing iPhoto.

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