pre-Easter Egg Hunt in St Helena

Today we drove across the mountains to St. Helena for an Easter Egg hunt at Elora’s great-grandmother’s house. We dyed a dozen eggs for the occasion, and brought 2 lbs of butter as our contribution to pre-Easter-lunch.

The boys and I had quite a good time. Oliver and Patrick both ate pancakes, and both boys enjoyed exploring the yard and house with the other children.

After lunch, the children went upstairs and read the Easter Bunny Story. I prefer the Bunny to the alternative, far less gruesome.

The egg hunt went well, Anne’s grandmother has a huge and awesome yard so there were plenty of places to hide eggs. Most of the kids looking were about 3 so there wasn’t too much competitiveness and most of the eggs were fairly easy to spot.

It was a nice, relaxing day with friends, and I got a few adorable photos of the boys.

2 thoughts on “pre-Easter Egg Hunt in St Helena

  1. Man… too bad it’s too early in the year to use this for next year’s Christmas card. It’s a gorgeous photo of both of them!

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