Eggs Dyed for our Entertainment

We are going to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday and we were asked to bring a dozen to contribute to the hunt, so this afternoon we dyed Easter Eggs. I boiled up a dozen of the cheapest eggs Safeway had to offer, and broke out the discount dye kit in six unnatural colors.

It was Oliver’s first time dyeing Easter eggs and he was quite excited by the process.

The kit came with glitter, stickers, beads and sequins. We kept it simple and dyed the eggs in simple monochromatic hues.

The idea of gluing sequins, beads and glitter seemed a bit too daunting, so we added stickers for extra flair.

Patrick woke up just as we started the egg dying process, he sat, somewhat grumpily in his highchair and ate kix and yogurt.

More photos can be found in our April 2012 album.

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