Gavin in a nice shirt

This is what Gavin does:

although he’s usually down the hall in a t-shirt and not all dressed up at a conference in Santa Somewhere-or-other.

2 thoughts on “Gavin in a nice shirt

  1. Yay Gavin! Finally got a chance to watch the video (when you tweet a link, I usually read it on my iPhone while I’m out walking the neighborhood) and then don’t leave a comment. But I wanted to come back and say, what an articulate explanation of your start-up! I’m going to show it to Derek. He works on social networks. And he loves new and interesting data sets to research. I wonder if there could be a collaboration there?

  2. Gav can be found on most social networks, best way to reach him would be google+ or twitter. Or I can e-mail you our phone # and his e-mail address of choice. ;-D

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