still alive!

The blog was fairly silent this past week because I was busy being a mom of boys. Gavin was off in Palo Alto and Santa-Somewhere-or-other for work and conferences so it was up to me to hold down the fort.

We had a few ups and downs over the week, but over all things went fairly smoothly. We had some semblance of routine, even if we did have dinner at four-thirty some afternoons followed by bath time at five.

Highlights from the week:

We got to Skype with Gavin on Wednesday evening. Oliver threw a colossal fit because I insisted he wear a diaper before he could video chat.

Our new mattress arrived Thursday morning. We finally decided on a 9″ talalay¬†latex mattress with an organic wool mattress topper and an organic wool mattress pad on top of that. The wool comes from New Zealand so apparently the sheep are not eaten when they get old.

We watched Wall-E one too many times.

Oliver hit re-dial on our phone and called Gavin to order pizza, he had the take-out menu in hand and was pointing to the ones he wanted and quite firmly insisting that “pee-za” come soon. I didn’t realize he’d made a call so I was quite surprised when Gavin called back.

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