Return of the Trains

Thursday I decided it was time to rotate out the toys in the living room again. O had somewhat lost interest in the big box of duplos and was trying to insist that he should be allowed to watch more TV than his allotted 20 minutes after bath time.

O protested loudly as I packed away his beloved duplos, including the farm and new blocks he’d gotten for his birthday. He sulked for a while as I wiped off the table, but his mood changed when I hauled out the box of brio trains.

We have spent the last two days configuring and reconfiguring the trains to maximize the amount of track we can squeeze onto the table.

I’m sure a more experienced train enthusiast could fit more, but I’d like to think I did a decent job. O keeps bringing me more track to try and fit in, but over all he seems pleased with my work.

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