President’s Day Monterey Trip

The reason for erratic posting these last few days is because we spent a very exhausting Monday and Tuesday at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We drove down early Monday morning and drove home Tuesday evening.

Monday we met up with Dana and “Dana’s Rish” and spent the morning looking at jelly fish, seahorses, and sea turtles. We had lunch at the restaurant, walked around a little more and then went to the Dennis the Menace Park (where P had a #3 and he got new pants and I got a new shirt – he was in the ergo at the time, yuck). We parted ways after P and I got cleaned up, with Dana and Rich heading back north, and the boys and I drove to Carmel to spend an hour or two until we could book into our hotel.

From Feb. 2012

Monday evening, after we booked into our hotel, we walked around the mall, ordered pizza, and all of us were asleep by 7:05 pm (yes, that includes Gavin and I).

Tuesday, we went for a walk along the coast where saw some sea otters and a few seals. We got to the aquarium when they opened at 10 and spent the morning in the kid splash zone, looking at the birds and touch pools. After lunch at the cafe we offered Oliver the choice of “sharks, turtles, or penguins.” He picked “gan-ma’s house!” so we headed back to Palo Alto for a few hours. After dinner with “gan-ma Das-ee” we drove back home.

From Feb. 2012

Photos of our adventures can be found in the newly created February 2012 album.

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