Happy Valentines Day 2012

For Valentine’s Day Gavin got me a new crockpot, before any of you give him grief about this, I ASKED for a new crockpot for Valentine’s Day (he wanted suggestions). You may, however, give him grief that I got to wrap it myself: “could you please sweetie? You’re better at such things.”

I don’t mind, I got a beautifully wrapped gift which Oliver got to open.


A friend of ours came over and we baked cookies lemon thumbprint cookies with jam. She brought a balloon for the boys, and Oliver spent much of the afternoon running around hollering “ba-oon!” Patrick was also enthralled by the shiny thing that floated high above his head.

We are enjoying a quiet evening in and “that’s not bread pudding!!!” chocolate strawberries, we are saving our night out for later when things aren’t so busy.

One thought on “Happy Valentines Day 2012

  1. You’re a household with three boys, so Valentine’s Day *should* be about you getting showered with love. Even if you *do* have to wrap your own crock pot. That sounds like a great gift! I’m going to request one for my birthday (coming up at the end of March). Thanks for the advice! I’m going to go large.

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