unpacking little memories, one onesie at a time

This afternoon I decided to open the box of clothing I’ve set aside for the baby clothes quilt to see what I had set aside. Oliver helped me carefully fold the clothes and place them around the kitchen table as a very rough representation of what I’m hoping to accomplish. So many little outfits, and ech piece has a story. There are a few bodysuits given to us by Kim and Beth – the green and brown ones; the granimals from Amy and her family. The little friends onesie from Eileen. “I’m tweet” from our neighbor, Ceylan. The outfit P came home from the hospital in. “Mommy+Daddy=brilliant” from Paula. Capt. Adorable, Tough and Handsome Like Daddy, and the hateful brown corduroy overalls with the button-up legs/crotch and the fraying lizard.

I really hate those overalls.

I like the “later gator” feet, and the “chomp.” The dragon socks that accompanied the dragon robeez from Auntie Leslie, and the sheep receiving blanket. The little cars onesie came from a set gifted to us by my college adviser and her husband, Abbie and Kurt. O found his first Halloween costume, and P’s first Halloween costume – who wore it better? I’ll let you decide.

So many happy memories were evoked as we spread clothing across the table. I’m looking forward to eventually starting the project, and the chance to cut my old maternity jeans to bits.

For now, the clothes are neatly folded back in the bin. I’m going to try and hold off until both boys are done with 12-24 month sized clothing before I start cutting into things. There are still so many more cute outfits for P to grow through!

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