Foodie Baby

Patrick is a bit of a foodie. Oliver enjoyed starting on solid foods, but he mostly enjoyed food as a textural experience and as a medium to create a colorful mess all over everything. P also enjoys food as a textural experience and medium for colorful messes, but he packs away more in one meal than O would in a day.


P is quite the eater and he enjoys a variety of foods. O enjoyed single-vegetable and fruit purees. Just squash, just peaches, just peas, etc. P will eat those, but he really enjoys multiple-vegetable/fruit purees, and he loves bananas.

By “really enjoys” I mean he’ll eat through a jar or two a meal at both lunch and dinner, clearing 3-5 jars of organic baby food a day.

Our local bookstore had an end-of-year clearance sale where I eagerly picked up a cookbook that promised healthy recipes for babies, toddlers and young children. It was eight dollars, about a weeks worth of organic jarred mush, so I’d break even in a week if I even found two or three decent recipes.

There have been a few hits, and a few misses. P is a fan of chickpea, cauliflower and sweet potato mash, as well as lentil, carrot potato puree with coriander.

I also reverse-engineered and improved P’s favorite summer vegetable puree of green beans, carrots, zucchini, potato with rice flour – I swapped out the potato for sweet potato and iron-fortified rice cereal (what I had on hand).

The chicken with leeks and potato were not popular, I think it was flavor. I think chicken and potato would be popular, just not with the leeks, so I am going to experiment with that a little more.

P is also a big fan of my homemade WTF-sauce and gravenstein apple sauce both of which, while popular, are rationed out so they last as long as possible.

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