the me-help-mommy!!! tower in oh-wow-orange

Gavin was one of the lucky ones who had the time between Christmas and New Years off from his official day job. Toddlers and babies don’t give vacation days so while I wrangled the children Gavin went to work in the backyard and garage (hopefully) making my life a little easier.

O likes to help in the kitchen: he sits on the counter overseeing and assisting, sampling and tweaking. It was fine when I could open the cabinets over his head, but now that’s he stands over 36″ the cabinets whack solidly into his head. This is a problem. O also drags chairs over, which while better than his booster seat, is still not ideal. One of these days we’re going to have to reupholster the cream microfiber dining room chairs… what were we thinking?!

Growing up my mom had a step-stool for us to stand/sit on while we helped in the kitchen, but that was the 1980s and I’m not sure where I’d start looking for such a contraption. I’d seen kitchen-helper-towers, but those were not in the budget, besides for the $150+ they’d cost we could buy some power tools and build our own (and have some neat power tools so we could build some more stuff).

So I got power tools for Christmas (yay!) and made my Gavin-please-build list starting with a Little Helper Tower, a useful piece that would be good to practice on.

After several trips to the local lumbar yard, hardware and paint stores, and several hours (over several days) of cutting, re-cutting, measuring, drilling, glueing, screwing and muttering under his breath Oliver’s me-help-mommy!!! tower was complete enough for O to test out.

Then it came time to pick a color. We’d initially considered an off-white color to match the cabinets, so it would blend in and be discreet.

Discreet isn’t a word I’d use to describe the toddler, he’s more of an action-now! kind of guy, so we decided not to go with cabinet-white, instead we opted for a color that would be hard to miss, one that you could see from a mile away, speeding towards you as quickly as it was pulled/pushed/dragged across the floor. As the guy at the paint store described it when he opened the can after mixing it: “oh wow, that’s orange.”

O had a similar reaction. “Oh wow!” I think we picked well.


Once the paint dried over night we put felt pads on the legs and the me-help-mommy tower was permitted to make it’s first appearance in our kitchen. O eagerly tested it out and was quite pleased by the results. I hope his new tower lives up to his expectations, and that I am able to find some suitable things he can “me-help!!” with.

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