Howie Baby

A new baby joined our family this Christmas: Howie Baby.

photo by Auntie M.

Howie Baby* is a heavy waldorf baby doll**. It weighs about four and a half pounds, or about as much as Baby O weighed in his early days, and smells of lavender (O never smells of lavender unless he’s been pulling up plants in the yard).

Howie has been a work in progress for quite a few months, we started him in O’s Waldorf Mommy-and-me playgroup (the same one that spawned Caesar and Brutus Bunny), then I had P, the group came to an end and Howie’s somewhat-complete head stayed in a safe place until November when a group of us got together to finish our heavy baby dolls.

I put a lot of work into making Howie so I decided it could make an appearance at Christmas, carefully swaddled in one of O’s old blankets and taped securely in a box.

Last night, O helped me carefully swaddle Howie and tucked it into bed next to Turtle. Howie joined us a breakfast this morning, and has took up residence in P’s door bouncer several times throughout the day. This evening, Howie was re-swaddled and tucked back into bed.


I wonder what adventures Howie will have tomorrow.


*O calls it “Howie” because he can not pronounce “Heavy.” We’ve been referring to it as “Heavy Baby” as opposed to P, who is frequently referred to as just “baby.”

**similar to these, any number of places to buy them pop up when you google search for “heavy waldorf baby dolls.” Howie was made under the supervision and guidance of Grandma Mary, a local Waldorf and doll guru. 

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