7 Months with Patrick


It is Christmas Eve and Patrick is seven months old.

Patrick is in the “you’re not where I left you” phase. When I put him down on the floor gym to check laundry, I come back and find him across the room getting into something.

P is quite the roller/scooter/wiggler; he enjoys scooting backwards until he is under the sofa up to his arms, he also likes rolling under the train table, and backward underneath the Harvard chair. He also likes to roll to the bookcase and pull toys off. He has made me re-evaluate the bottom shelf toys – they have to be light enough not to cause too much damage when he pulls them down on his head.


Thankfully, P is a sturdy little fellow and is holding up quite nicely to everything that he’s pulled down on himself, and that Big Brother O leaves out for P to “explore.”

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