Christmas Tree 2011

Today I brought in our Christmas tree. To the best of my knowledge it is the tree that I bought back in 2009 for O’s first Christmas, now it will get to see P’s first Christmas as well, and hopefully (with some help from our drip system and a fair bit of neglect) it will see many more Christmases to come.

It is a fairly special tree, it has two top bits. I didn’t have two tree toppers, just the Mutant Attack Penguin from when Gavin informed me I needed a “hobby” and I dabbled in origami, so I decided to make some. I googled around for DIY tree topper ideas disliked 99% of them and improvised on my own, the end results: an origami representation of our Lizard Overlords and a star.

Oliver and I had a fair bit of fun decorating the tree. He said “wow!” a lot and was thrilled that the lights were on. He also discovered last years candy canes, of the original 6 there are now 3… now that I think of they might’ve been from the year before. Patrick stood in his go-pod and watch the activity with great interest, thankfully the tree is out of his reach (for now).

In another week or so I’ll haul the presents out of their Top Secret Hiding Place and finish putting labels and bows on them.

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