overachiever stockings

When I was younger my mother made everyone matching stockings (one is featured on our holiday card). This will be our first Christmas that we’re spending at home and I wanted to do something special.The Christmas tree from O’s first Christmas is still alive (thanks to our drip system) so I’ll bring it in (as late as possible so it doesn’t shed all over the house), string up some lights, hang some ornaments (and hard drive components).

With my loads of free time, amazing sewing skills and huge budget of zero dollars I decided to make Christmas stockings for the boys. I ended up making stockings for Gavin and myself as well. Some days I’m a bit of an overachiever.

The stockings are made from cream-colored fleece that was never used for for a different project, and lined with thick white cotton from the failed attempt at strudel making a few years back. The loops are red and green grosgrain ribbon. The felt is leftover from the time Gavin told me to “find a hobby” and I made a few creepy felt dogs and tea bags.

I sewed the felt cut-outs on by hand with a blanket stitch. The stocking and lining were done by machine and attached at the top by a blanket stitch as well. I’ve got a fair bit of practice with the blanket stitch (see Brutus bunny). 

Oliver’s stocking has a Christmas tree on it with four presents underneath, according to O the packages are for “me, mommy, da-dee, bay-bee.” Patrick’s has adorable round snowmen and polka-dots, O has decreed that the smaller of the snowmen is “bay-bee” and the stocking is also for baby.

Gavin’s stocking has polar bears and a felt snowflake and several several beaded stars on it. O decided the large polar bear was “da-ee” the small bear on the left was “me” and the one on the right “bay-bee.” My stocking has a reindeer and some beaded snowflakes/stars as well (they don’t show up well on the photo).

I’ll be honest, the stockings turned out better than I anticipated and I hope they hold up for many years to come. Now I just have to figure out where to hang them.

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