Rocket Man PJs

Until this evening O has been sleeping in one-piece Hannah Anderson footless pajamas, Carters snap-up pjs, or, on very hot nights, just a diaper.

Tonight marked the transition to two-piece pajamas, the Kirkland organic cotton ones from Costco (they’re $12 vs. Hannah Anderson’s $28-42 for a similar style). They are size a 2T and fit fairly snuggly (as child pjs should) and these are covered in rocket ships.

O was very excited and he zoomed round the living room. The pjs seemed to fit well, and he was thrilled by the rocket ship. When we got to his room he pointed to his ceiling fan (which has rocket ships on the blades) and to his shirt. After a little more zooming (and a story) he settled down to sleep with his turtle casting constellations on the ceiling.

Most of O’s old pjs have been boxed away for Patrick to grow into, when P is done with them, the survivors will likely end up on the nekkid dawg or the baby-clothes quilt.

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