Very Candid Christmas

Last night in a fit of over-achieving I hauled out the Christmas-stuff box from the back of the Harry Potter room (room under the stairs) so I could have some cute xmas accessories with which to theoretically pose the boys so I could get a cute xmasy-themed photo for our holiday postcard and photos for the December page of the boy’s 2012 calendar.

This morning after breakfast I set the scene: the green curtain from the office provided a nice backdrop and the red tree skirt/table cloth covered the rug in-need-of-much-vacuuming. I pulled out the little tree, some stockings, and partially wrapped a basket with a table runner, then I added the boys to the mix.

Oliver did not want Patrick to sit in the basket, he also kept changing his mind about which hat he wanted to wear, neither sat still. The santa hat slid over P’s face, and he tipped over.

While not cute, posed or poised, these photos do capture a very realistic view of what life is like around here with two incredibly active little boys.

The box of Christmas stuff is going back in the HP room (or perhaps the garage) until well after Thanksgiving.

One thought on “Very Candid Christmas

  1. Aww they look so cute! Meh, I say try the pros. Sears has good picture takers. 1 pose, no session fee, 20 photos coupons for like $5. I do that, scan the largest one, then print them all at CVS photo! yay!

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