open letter to Zales

Dear Zales,

I’m not sure which website I clicked on which inspired your advertisements to follow me around the internet, but they’re starting to get annoying.

I am not your target demographic. I am 28, I have two small children, I am happily married to a man who has gotten me ONE diamond in the entire duration of our relationship and I’m OK with that – it is beautifully set and came from Tiffany.

I am a mother of two young boys. Jewelry is not practical when playing with playdoh, changing poopy diapers, and chasing a streaking toddler across the yard. I wear a simple platinum wedding band (also from Tiffany), there are no ornate settings where mud can reside, there is no setting to snag on sweaters. Beyond that, I do not wear jewelry on a regular basis, I used to wear a necklace, but that stopped when the boys felt the need to pull on it.

I’d much rather have a renovated bathroom, or a nice weekend away than another piece of jewelry that sits coldly in a box. I’d be happy with a night out (we’re having one soon and I’m rather excited)!

I do have a few favorite go-to pieces, I have some lovely fused glass pieces made by an artist in Carmel, some funky charm bracelets from my travels in Europe, and a fun silver-link bracelet. None of them came from Zales. None of my jewelry is coming from Zales. If anything comes from Zales, my husband and I are going to have a long conversation.

Jewelry can come beautifully wrapped in a little blue box, or it can come in a little box (or bag) which supports a local artisan, there is really no need for anything in between. Zales is in between. I’m sure you have followers who enjoy mass-marketed diamonds, but I can assure you, I am NOT one of them.

Also, I know about how diamond prices are artificially kept high, etc. but 60% off? Really? How badly are the middlemen and workers at the bottom being squeezed so you can offer those rates? Or should I be asking how badly you inflated your prices to begin with?

Please tell your ad-bots to stop following me around the internet. You are not going to win a customer, you’re just going to irritate me.




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