Patrick has always been passionate about food. Shortly after his grand entrance into the world, he latched on with great vigor, enthusiasm, and nursed in a passionate, but very efficient manner. When offered bottles of expressed milk, he sucked them down as well.

P had been making passes at things on the table from the moment he figured out how to coordinate his hands. He joined us as the table as soon as he had enough core control to slouch upright in his booster seat, and last Monday he “officially” started on solids at lunch time.

Baby's First Rice Gruel. Yes, I know, he should've worn a bib.

Until last Monday, P had accidentally had a mouthful of oatmeal, and a bit of super-mild guacamole. Last Monday, P started on rice gruel. So far he has had the baby “first-foods” apples and pears, and a super-over-ripe banana that got pressed through the baby food mill.

Real food has become an instant hit, with super-over-ripe banana being the most popular so far. The transition has gone well, and solids for P are a regular lunchtime occurrence.

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