another pair of little red wain boos

At the Waldorf pre-pre-school open-house Miss Donna stressed the importance of layering the children and having weather-appropriate outfits, including, but not necessarily limited to rain gear.

In September, I went to REI and picked up 2T-sized rain coat and rain pants on clearance, and then put off buying rain boots, he already had a pair that fit… they back in June anyway. June… October… they’re not that far apart.

With more rain in the forecast it was inevitable that at some point O would need to have appropriate footwear, so I hauled the boots out of their exile in the garage (they were crusted with mulch) and had O give them a walk around the kitchen so I could feel where his toes were.

His feet have grown since June.

They’ve grown almost two shoe sizes. From a 5 to somewhere between 6 and 7.

So this afternoon O, P and I went to the feed store where O insisted that his rain boots had to be red. Not yellow, or black, or turquoise, they had to be RED. We got a size 7 and thick cushy socks to help them fit better.

Of course, when we got home, the “wain boos” had to be put through a vigorous testing process. Fortunately (for him) it was raining, so all of his rain gear got tested. He stayed dry, it got wet, and the boots got mulchy.

I’m not entirely sure what he was doing, but he stayed out for a total of about two hours, he came in a few times, announced he was “all dum,” took off his outer layers and then changed his mind and went back out. Whatever it was he was up to, must have been very important.

I put some 3M hooks on the side of the counter by the door so the wet and muclhy would be contained. Depending on how well this works, I may add a few  more for hats or other accessories at a later date.

One thought on “another pair of little red wain boos

  1. I love 3M hooks! I just discovered them, and I have to admit, I’m going a little crazy putting them up all over the house. In case you need more, you can print a discount coupon from the 3M website. 🙂

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