See how They Grow

For the last 33 months I have taken (or tried very hard to take) a photo of Oliver on the 20th of every month so I can watch how he changes month-to-month. There isn’t always a dramatic change, but over time, the changes start to get very noticeable. I’ve been doing the same thing for Patrick as well.

Today, as I was updating P’s four month photo, I realized there was no quick-and-simple way to find all the monthly updates so I have created two new categories, O-monthly-update and P-monthly-update so they’d be easily distinguishable from the rest of the posts.

More photos of the boys can be found at Kindil’s Picasa albums, linked on the right.

One thought on “See how They Grow

  1. I usually read your blog posts on my iPhone from the playground, and it’s too tricky to leave comments, but I’d like to say: (1) those muffins look great (2) P is getting sooooo big! wow! 4 months already and (3) I’m jealous of those awesome wood blocks.

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