Homemade Apple Sauce

This afternoon I got an e-mail from the owner of the house across the street from us, her renter (a bachelor) was OK with us picking the apples and asian pears off the trees in the front yard, she was also fine with it, as long as we didn’t bend any branches.

I wish I’d spotted the tree and asked earlier in the season (I saw it yesterday on my walk with O and e-mailed her the moment we got home) as most of the fruit was already rotting on the ground. We managed to salvage a few pieces and get a few more from the tree. They were all rather ripe, somewhat bruised and it seemed unlikely we’d eat them all before they got worse, so I decided to make apple sauce.

It was quite simple as I already had things out from my WTF-Sauce, so while P napped and O splashed water around our backyard, I peeled and cored the dozen or so apples we’d gathered.

They simmered, softened, and were pureed. The puree was boiled, ladled into jars, and the jars were processed for twenty minutes. I now have 3 pints of homemade, sugar free, locally sourced apple sauce.

I also have a better idea of how to make my next batches of WTF-Sauce.

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