After-Thought Chocolate Cake

This afternoon as I was clearing out the pantry to make space for my homemade WTF-Sauce I came across a canister of Ghirardelli unsweetened chocolate, several cans of evaporated milk, and a few cans of soup that were all about to expire.

What can I do with a canister of unsweetened chocolate, evaporated milk and soup? We can have soup for lunch, but the other stuff is a bit trickier. Thankfully, there was a recipe on the side of the Ghirardelli container for chocolate cake – which required milk, so I was able to use the evaporated milk as well.

I also made chocolate buttercream frosting. Sadly, it was a bit thick, so it didn’t spread nicely. I’m a little annoyed with myself, I know how to make buttercream frosting better than that, but we’d had a long day and the chocolate cake was more of an after-thought than a planned-activity.

The back part looks a little special, but it isn’t anything that can’t be covered with some fruit or something.

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