hooded towels for grandma D’s

Now that I am a little better acquainted with my sewing machine I have boldly taken on a few more sewing projects, on Thursday I made three more hooded towels, two to leave at grandma D’s house and one for my friend who is expecting a baby girl in September.

Thursday night as I was folding the large white hooded towels I was struck with a horrible thought: my IKEA clearance towels had inadvertently become Baby’s First White Supremacy Robes.

So Friday morning I rummaged through my craft bin in the garage, found some ribbon and orange fabric paint and set about fixing the matter.

I had orange and yellow ribbon. Oliver expressed a preference for orange, Patrick didn’t care, so he got yellow. The towels were trimmed in ribbon along the hood and the bottom, then I ran out of ribbon. For a personalized look, I used the orange fabric paint leftover from our Halloween 2010 pumpkin costumes.

I am fairly pleased with the end result, we now have two huge hooded towels to leave at grandma D’s.

2 thoughts on “hooded towels for grandma D’s

  1. Ha! Baby’s first white supremacy robes. Nice work! I’m going to have to start the Renaissance Festival costumes soon. You’re so industrious!

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