Shockingly Pink, Surprisingly Tasty

In an attempt to incorporate more fruit into our diet I’ve been picking up watermelon quarters and halves at the grocery store. I get the seedless variety because the seeds cause the toddler to freakout on an epic scale. Last week, however, they were out of both quarters and halves so I picked the smallest seedless watermelon they had.

We now have an excess of watermelon. I quartered the melon and cubed it for easier eating. We’ve had it with lunch, we’ve had it with dinner, we’ve had it as a mid-afternoon snack. We’ve been eating a lot of watermelon, and we still have 3/4 of it in the fridge.

Yesterday, I was struck with inspiration. I happened to be skimming the NYTimes homepage – I’ve cut back my daily reading to weekly skimming now that they’ve become a pay site – and found a recipe for Watermelon Mint Smoothies.

With 9 kinds of mint in the backyard and a fridge full of watermelon it seemed like the perfect recipe.

Then I got lazy, I knew if I opened the backdoor, the toddler would want to go “side” (outside) and inevitably he’d want to strip down and play in the “woa-way” (water) in his kiddie pool. I also wasn’t sure which variety of mint to pick, so I decided to leave it out entirely.

I also left out the sugar (the watermelon was sweet enough) and the melon balls for garnish (seriously, who bothers to garnish a toddler smoothie). I upped the ice to two handfuls for a nice slushy consistency.

The results were shockingly pink, and surprisingly tasty. There were a few larger ice chunks that floated to the top, and I skimmed those off before I poured any for O. The watermelon wasn’t quite as seedless as advertised so a few seeds got blended in, they provided an occasional earthy, nutty taste, which was a nice contrast to the sweet melon (I don’t know why they said to add sugar)!

The toddler enjoyed it, and demanded “moar!” It complimented his afternoon snack of taquitoes nicely, the sweet balanced the savory. This would probably go very well with our Grilled Pizza Sandwiches.

Shockingly Pink Watermelon Slushy – my variation:

  • 2+ cups cubed seedless watermelon (I tossed in about 3 handfulls)
  • 2 handfulls ice (more or less to taste)
  • Place all of the ingredients in the blender. Blend until frothy. Pour into a glass. Serve immediately.

I don’t have any photos of this shockingly pink smoothie, we finished it before I thought to find the camera. Maybe next time I’ll remember to take one.

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