Silly Monkey, shirts are for Me-Bay-Bee!

When I found out I was having another child I promised myself I would not dress the children in matching outfits. The matching footie pajamas was a freak coincidence, I was stocking up on P-sized pjs and didn’t realize/forgot O already had a pair, they also have several pair so they don’t often wear the same ones.

Then Patrick showed up and Oliver took great delight in assisting with the clothing selection process. In the morning as P is getting a new diaper, O is busy underfoot hauling out a onesie and some pants for P to wear for the day.

Yesterday, after our adventures at a branch of the Evil R Us Empire we stopped off at Target. I like Target, they have decent tops, fun shoes, and just enough baby & kid stuff to meet spur-of-the-moment needs. After picking up some essentials I let O pick out fun shirts for himself and P, he had been remarkably well behaved, and the gift card I had was intended for them.

O picked out a shirt for “bay-bee” first, then one for “me-me.” When I asked for confirmation O clutched the shirts tightly and repeated “Bay-bee! Me-me!” Ok then.

When we got home O halped by putting the shirts in the laundry basket so they could be washed. Today, being Tuesday, was laundry day and as soon as O hapled me unload the dryer he spotted them and dragged them (and me) to where P was practicing lifting is head on the floor.

O then took off his t-rex shirt, and tried to take P’s onesie off as well. He insisted I assist him and P into their new shirts. P’s went over his onesie. I really hope the 12-month size one (the smallest size they had which is what P has) runs small, it is a little long in the arms, but other than that it appears to fit fairly well over the onesie.

I would like to point out that I am not the one dressing my boys in identical clothing, my toddler is.

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