Woa-way! Woa-way! Go! Go!

Shortly after Patrick arrived, some well-meaning friends of the family sent us a gift card to Babies R Us. I loathe BRU (and sister store Toys R Us) and try to avoid it as much as possible and only shop there when I am bequeathed gift cards, even then, I prefer to shop online.

So far, I have managed to give the R Us Empire as little of my own money as possible. Memorable purchases from them include O’s booster seat (gift card), the pop-up Thomas and caboose (also gift card), and our diaper bag (gift).

After I’d written the requisite thank you note I turned to BRU online to see what I could find. I prefer not to pay shipping when at all possible, but the minimum “free-shipping” order was $50, which was more than I cared to spend. I investigated the ship-to-store option, but the items I wanted were not in stock at the local store (or at any store within 50 miles of me). This left me with two options: 1) re-gifting the card or 2) going to the local TRU.

I opted to go to the local TRU. Although we’re fairly set with things from Baby #1 there are occasionally items that we realize we need. I didn’t have a set idea of what I was looking for, but I was sure inspiration would strike once I got to the store.

So we went to TRU. With Baby & Toddler in tow I navigated the aisles of terrifying, over-stimulating plastic crap looking for something useful to spend the gift card on. O had some great ideas: a $150 Lightning McQueen car, a miniature grocery cart full of boxes of faux food, a $6 clearance pool. I had other ideas, a Cars-inspired potty seat for grandma’s (O said “no!” when I asked if he’d use it), a 5-stage booster seat (like O’s), a wagon. Guess what one ended up in our cart?

If you guessed a 5-stage booster seat and a $6 clearance pool you’d be right. We were just over our gift-card budget, but after the water table incident I figured it was worth it.

We ran a few more errands and then went home where O proudly showed “Da-ee!” his new pool. Then he hounded me until I opened the box and set it up for him.

It might be August 1, but someone forgot to tell the Nor Cal weather that was supposed to be warm. The temperature this morning when I went to the store was 52, and by this afternoon it was still just below 70 with a cool breeze in our backyard.

The low temperatures and cool breeze did not deter the toddler. He made it very clear that he wanted the pool set up, filled with water, and that he was going to get into it, stripped past his diaper, now.

O helped fill the pool chanting “Woa-way! Woa-way! Go! Go!”

I figured the naked desire would be short-lived once he hit the cold water. Then I felt the water, it wasn’t all that cold, the hose had been baking in the sun, so it was more like a tepid bathtub than his icy-cold water table.

O spent just over half an hour (an eternity for a 2-year-old) splashing around. P nursed a bit and then hung out in his swing. Eventually O decided he was “dum! dum!” (done, done) and the water had to go “way!” (away) with a sense of urgency that rivaled the earlier “must be filled now” attitude.

The pool is now drained and drying out, O is now dried off, diapered and racing cars “fas-fas” along the living room floor.

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