to quilt or not to quilt, I have questions!

A friend of mine from middle school recently blogged about her newest adventure, making a baby-clothes scrap-quilt.

I like the idea of a baby clothes quilt, but I’m also really fond of the idea of making the mountain of onesies that are piling up disappear. I have several friends who are pregnant, but they’re either having girls, or they already have mountains of gender-appropriate onesies of their own.

My dilemma: these are not amazing little outfits, these are Carters and Gerber, cute, functional, washable. If I make one, who gets it?  Oliver already has a homemade quilt, so does it go on Patrick’s bed? Both boys will have worn these clothes, and they bring back happy memories. We already have a lovely quilt for our bed, I suppose we could have a second, this scares me a little – we have a queen sized bed, I’m not sure I’m ready for such an undertaking, or I could make a large throw to snuggle under on the sofa.

So I have been researching my options:

Goodwill or consignment stores. Both are bursting with inexpensive baby clothing, and most people are given mountains of new or lightly used onesies. With Goodwill, I’d be rid of them. With consignment, they’d likely be lost in the sea of other little rompers.

I can try and make my own baby quilt. There are a few problems with this: I can’t really sew, I’ve done some simple hand-sewing, I managed Cesar & Brutus, and some aprons but never anything as large, or complicated as a quilt. The internet has many tutorials, ideas and suggestions,

I can find someone on the internet and pay them to do it. This would solve the sewing problem, but then cost is an issue. BUT (and this is a big one), do I really want to spend several hundred dollars on this project? On the flip-side, do I really have all the equipment to do this job properly? Will my charming “helpers” give me the time to undertake such a task without driving me totally crazy?

I could ask a friend to help (and if I undertake such a project this will happen). A former roommate of mine from college made us a beautiful quilt for our wedding, and a really fun one for Oliver’s bed. Another college friend made a lovely quilt for her bed, she lives a bit closer, and made a really fun cloth book for Oliver. I’m sure one of them would be able to give me advice on any potential quilting projects.

So, faithful readers, I turn to you for advice, ideas, and suggestions. I’ll be honest, sewing isn’t really my thing, I’m much better with a standmixer than I am with a sewing machine, but I also don’t have the funds to pay some else to do it. I’d like to, but I’m pretty sure this project (and many others I’d like to attempt) are way beyond my ability.


3 thoughts on “to quilt or not to quilt, I have questions!

  1. Hahaha. I’m sorry I created a dilemma! Sonya and Leena don’t have “amazing boutique clothes, either”. Mostly Gap, Old Navy, and Carter’s, too. And I’m still saving the nicest pieces for a third child. I don’t imagine this is going to be a gorgeous quilt. I have plans on making it a picnic blanket? That statement ends with a question mark, because you’ve hit upon a good pint, I don’t know what exactly I’m going to do with it. And I don’t think it’s going to be particularly gorgeous. Now about making the mountains of onesies disappear: what about this idea? Donate ones without a good pattern to Goodwill. You cut a swatch from each of the “memorable” ones, like 3×3 squares and then discard the rest of it. Then you’ll easily be able to sew together the squares with straight lines and make a cute outdoor blanket. Patchwork takes a long time. I imagine I’ll be making this baby clothes blanket for the better part of a year!

  2. Last night I sorted out the ones I was most fond of. The rest are going to friends who can pick what they want, and then the final batch can go to Goodwill. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep anything yet… there are one or two little outfits I’m very fond of.

    I’ve decided if/when I undertake this project I’m going to work on it a square at a time in little mini-quilts in nice, easy to measure units, perhaps 12×12 and then put them all together. I suspect this will take me quite some time, because P has yet to grow through the really cute/memorable outfits – the first month or two he had dull gender-neutral make-due outfits (same thing O had). I’m also going to practice using my sewing machine on simpler projects first, and learn to use it better before I undertake this. 😀

  3. I can’t wait to see your other sewing endeavors! I work on all of mine, like I’m sure you will, in little bursts of inspiration here and there…

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