July 20 – Oliver’s monthly photo

Getting covert action photos of Oliver around the house has gotten trickier. He sees the camera and comes for it, getting too close too quickly for a decent shot.

Yesterday, Mommy and Oliver went to Barnes & Nobel to use a gift card. Baby Patrick stayed at home napping (Daddy was home too). Oliver picked out a Cars activity book, and a book for Baby Patrick. When we got home, he proudly presented Baby P with Richard Scarry’s Best First Book Ever! (we now we have it in English as well as German).

We spent a good chunk of our afternoon alternating between Busytown and the different race tracks on the Cars play mat.

He knows Mater goes “slowy” (but he goes “fas-fas” when he’s going backwards) and Lightning McQueen goes “fas-fas” and occasionally spins out into the “wa-way” (water).

The Cat Family in Busytown left the door to their car open, and there are many trucks on their streets. There is a baby cat in a stroller, and it is all very exciting. Although Baby P sits in my lap as we discuss Busytown life, but I suspect it will be a few more months before Baby P gets to enjoy “his” new book all on his own.

lining up the cars (Tuesday afternoon)


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