Sneaky Baby Grows

Patrick is a sneaky baby.

In the short time he’s been living with us, he has been growing, and growing, and growing.

This is a good thing, but occasionally it catches us off guard, like when he was suddenly too long for the 3-month sized snap-up footie pajamas, and the 3-month sized night shirts fit more like mini-dresses. Thankfully, for now, the 3-month sized onesies still fit (mostly).

Yesterday, or was it the day before, I realized he was getting too big for the basket.

We got the basket when I was about 10 weeks pregnant with Oliver. It is made by some American company (I’d have to look and see which one) specifically for sleeping babies (it is called a Moses Basket, although it is not remotely water-tight and would likely sink if we ever tried to leave it in a river), and I found it on Craigslist for a reasonable price (about 1/3 of what they originally paid for it).

Oliver slept in the basket for what seemed like forever, both in his room (in his crib), and our room (on the trunk). Once Oliver finally out grew it, the bedding was washed, and the basket and bedding were stashed in the guest room closet.

Then Patrick came along, the bedding was hauled out of the closet, washed, reassembled, and for the first month of Patrick’s life, he slept in our room, in the basket on top of  an old trunk. For the second month, he slept in his own room, in the basket, in his crib, and now at just shy of two months old, he’s pretty much maxed out the basket.

So now Patrick is sleeping in his crib, the bedding has been washed and put back in his closet, and for now, Oliver is delighted to have yet another basket to play in.

2 thoughts on “Sneaky Baby Grows

  1. Leena is a sneaky baby, too! What a great description! I’m wistful that you have a Moses basket! We just left our babies on a blanket on the floor…

  2. We left them on the floor a fair bit too, but at night, it seemed safer to put them in something so they wouldn’t get stepped on and they were a little easier to reach.

    I’m impressed by your baby-clothes-quilt. I wish I had the time, talent & ability to undertake such a project. I find myself torn between preserving the memories & the liberating feeling of purging a mountain of onesies.

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