CEO & Director of Daily Operations

I finally got around to updating my LinkedIn profile. I am the CEO & Manager of Daily Operations. I don’t think I’m giving myself too much credit for what I do, my previous jobs included a fair bit of organizing, managing, and developing.

Now I get to organize, multi-task, schedule, etc. from the convenience of my mobile command center (laptop), or company headquarters (upstairs home-office).

I am CEO and Managing Director of Daily Operations of a family-run operation. I manage, direct, and delegate the daily routines. I keep the calendars and do all the planning, scheduling and coordinating of events, meetings, trips, etc. It is my job to keep everyone aware of the tasks at hand and to prioritize, delegate, and reschedule as needed. I keep track of all contacts associated with this operation and maintain proper correspondence with those individuals or groups. I also maintain the website and social networking.

Scheduling Tasks: To develop a current calendar of events that covers all individuals in the operation and to keep it in a central location for everyone to maintain as needed. To schedule weekly meetings in which all members of the organization can meet to discuss any schedule changes or concerns within the organization.

Organization Maintenance: To develop, implement, and maintain sustainable organization and routines to assist with basic maintenance, and other tasks necessary to keep up effective productivity of the operation. To delegate tasks to members based on skill level and appropriateness. Implement tasks and systems than can not be delegated at this time (file systems, library, etc.).

Financial Duties: To develop with my partner, a workable budget broken down by month for the current year, and to record a list of expenses daily to maintain it. To establish weekly meetings with my partner to discuss the budget, and other pending financial decisions. Once a month, we will discuss current and future financial goals for our operation and make adjustments to these goals as needed.

Other duties too numerous to list.

I could go on with my obligations and work experience, but I have routines to implement and minutia (and a toddler) to contend with.

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